"Birth is big,and it is wonderful and it will probably bring you to your knees. Don't go into it with a head full of fairy dust. Be prepared. Be real. Learn everything you can. Accept that some pain and some unpredictability is part of the biological process. Respect birth enough to recognize the awe inspiring power that it yields"

- Sarah Clark.

Birth Doula Services

Various packages available and custom packages can be worked out.

vicky scheepers
vicky scheepers

During your pregnancy

I will have a meeting with you and your partner (if available) to see if we are a good fit for each other. I will give you information about labor and birth. I can help create a realistic birth plan / wishlist tailor made just for you. I have a pretty good idea of what can realistically be on your birth plan, because it’s not practical to have a list with just a bunch of stuff on it. You have to make it personal to your needs and wishes. I work closely with you and build a relationship, so that everyone can be comfortable with having me at your birth.

During birth

The labor nurse and your provider cannot be there the entire time, but I can. I help navigate you through a wonderful, but sometimes tough time. I can help with answering questions if some situation comes up, giving you your options in that moment. I can massage the laboring mom, help with non-medical pain relief methods like breathing, visualization, TENS-machine and rebozo use, counter pressure and acupressure, getting snacks and water, offer different labor position options, explain medical terms or procedures, and tending to the mother’s emotional and physical needs. I am like your personal cheerleader and trainer.

Doula & Dad/Partner

I give dad / partner a break during birth as well, because it can be a while. I help calm dad / partner, and assure them of what is normal and what is not. They too get overwhelmed a lot, especially when seeing a loved one in discomfort. They want to do something, but not sure what to do. That is where I come in. I help guide dad / partner in what to do. I know you are the most important person in that room. I do not take your place. We work together as a team and I want every partner /dad to feel involved in the birth.

My Services

I am not a medical professional and do not deliver your baby. I am well trained in all physiological parts of labor and have a lot of knowledge regarding birth, but I am not medically trained.

I provide continuous support throughout pregnancy, during birth, and in the postpartum period through education and meeting your physical and emotional needs. I do not leave your sight during birth and I am just a phone call away to answer any questions you have, even if it’s midnight.

Cesarean Doula services

During pregnancy I also go through the process of a cesarean so you can feel more prepared on what to expect.
Doulas are not just for those planning a vaginal birth. I support you during a cesarean too! I help with comfort measures and breathing techniques if you are a bit nervous, and I stay by your side in theater (this is not an option for all doulas at all hospitals) while dad / partner goes off with your baby. If dad / partner prefer to stay with mom, I can go off with baby. Either way, not mom or baby will be alone. I am right there by your side after birth to help with breastfeeding if you chose to, and I visit you after birth in your home to give support where needed. I also throw in a foot massage right after your cesarean once you are back in the labor ward.

During an emergency cesarean a mom can feel lonely, confused, scared, angry, sad, or frustrated. Having me as your doula can help work through those feelings and be there for you with every step of the way.

Doulas are often overlooked and a lot think “they do not really need one,” and in the end we were much appreciated.
I support you no matter what type of birth you are planning whether that is a natural, vaginal with epidural, or cesarean. I support YOU. I am not here to change your mind or have a specific agenda for you. I work for you. I serve, support, and trust you. To the best of my knowledge, not one of my clients has ever been disappointed in using me as their doula.

vicky scheepers
vicky scheepers

Bereavement doula services

Serving you through life, love, and loss. Helping and supporting families who has lost their baby, whether that be 2 weeks pregnant or if baby were 2 weeks old after birth. Every pregnancy matters. Every life matters. Not a pregnancy too insignificant when lost. I am here to help you through it, to be there if you need me there in hospital or even just the doctor’s visit. Available for in person and online support.

Childbirth preparation classes

The birth prep class is perfect if you are planning a vaginal birth

The postnatal class is perfect regardless of what kind of birth you have.

* Manual included for each class and a goodie bag.

vicky scheepers

You will learn about:

vicky scheepers

Breastfeeding support

As a lactation consultant student, I have a passion for breastfeeding and I am more than willing to answer any questions you might have. I also offer in person breastfeeding support.

Professional bellybinding

Various prices available, package dependent. Starting from R680

What is bellybinding?
It’s the wrapping or tying of a long strip of cloth around hips, abdomen and rib cage, to help the woman heal after she had a baby.

Benefits of bellybinding
• Brings in hips, abdomen and ribs giving support to organs, muscles, joints, and to make you feel supported. Like a nice hug. Relaxin (a hormone) helps loosen up all the joints during pregnancy, and relaxin is also present after birth for a time. That’s why bellybinding is good to do postpartum to help shape your body back.
• Helps to prevent nursing slouch for those who are planning on breastfeeding.
• It can help tone uterus bring back to pre- pregnancy. It also helps with healing sooner so will stop bleeding sooner and tone down more quickly.
• Ability to help heal abdominal separations – diastase recti. Abs can separate after birth and brings abdomen and muscle in so tissue can heal more quickly.
• Pubic or pelvic separation of any kind. Brings in hips and gives support after having a baby.
• All woman who gave birth, stillbirth, miscarriage etc. no matter how far along you were can benefit from the bengkung bellybinding method.
• Can offer support emotionally and physically. Feels like a hug for full healing.

vicky scheepers
vicky scheepers

Placenta encapsulation & memorabilia

The process of dehydrating and encapsulating your placenta.

The potential benefits of placenta encapsulation:
– Balanced hormones
– Promotes breast milk production
– Reduced incidence of postpartum depression
– Reduced levels of fatigue
– Faster physical postpartum recovery
– Reduction of postpartum pain
Book a FREE information session regarding placenta encapsulation

Hypnobirthing course series

You will learn about:
– Hypnosis and birthing
–  Myths of birthing
– Preparing for birthing
– How to give birth naturally
– The role of the professionals
– The birthing partner’s role
– Positions the baby may adopt
– Helpful positions in pregnancy and childbirth
– How to avoid intervention
– Writing a your birth plan
– Baby’s reaction to outside stimulus
– How your body works during pregnancy
– To recognize when labor has started
– To understand each phases of labor, and much more.

vicky scheepers

Benefits of hypnosis:

vicky scheepers
vicky scheepers

Grandparents only and dads only (mansplained) education classes available.

These 2 classes is specifically designed just for you the grandparents or your support team and the dad / partner. Must know, updated, and fresh information on how you can best support mom during birth and postpartum. R200 per class. These are once off classes packed with information and FUN!

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vicky scheepers