In the start of 2019 I did a course which focuses just on prenatal massage and how your body changes during pregnancy and how it requires and benefits from changes in massage technique.   I have been taught how to give the most beneficial and safest massage working with the physiological changes in your body due to pregnancy.

Prenatal massages

From R160.00

Benefits and Research on Prenatal Massage:

Prenatal massage is a natural, safe, drug-free method of relieving muscle tension and joint pain such as edema, headaches, sciatic pain, and leg cramps. Massage improves lymphatic and blood circulation which assists the heart and reduces swelling. Research has shown that moms who received regular massage reported less anxiety, improved mood, better sleep, and less back pain.

Infant massages

~ Monthly classes for R140 (30 minutes per week) – Includes manual and sample oil.

~ Once off class for R120 (1-2 hours) – Includes manual and sample oil.

As a certified infant massage therapist instructor, I will teach you the benefits of massaging your baby so that you can have the tools to naturally relief some aches and pains and enhance bonding and increase brain development of your baby.

I can also come and give you a class in hospital! You don’t have to drive anywhere. I come to you, taking the stress off from trying to figure out driving with a newborn and getting ready for a class.  

vicky scheepers
vicky scheepers