About me

"If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it."

Dr. John Kennell, MD.

Who I am

It all started in 2017, 18 months after the birth of our 2nd child. I realized the need for support and information regarding pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. I needed more support, but we didn’t have the services I offer available in Vredenburg. The go-getter in me decided to bring this service to Vredenburg and the West Coast. I started as a birth doula and from there on completed studies as a bereavement doula, placenta encapsulation specialist, hypnobirthing practitioner, professional postpartum belly binder, and holistic massage therapist with special focus on prenatal and infant massages.

Currently I’m completing studies as a childbirth educator, pilates instructor and lactation consultant.

Mission statement:

I believe in the right to have support and to be informed in order for us to feel empowered so that we can birth our babies without fear.

vicky scheepers
vicky scheepers

What support do I offer?

We all need support. No matter how old, what gender, pregnant or not. I want to help and serve you. I want to educate and support moms and families through this amazing journey called parenthood. I want you to feel empowered. I help reduce your fear of childbirth by providing support, information & guidance to have an empowered & positive birth and postpartum experience. I believe in you and your body. With the right support you can do this!

I have such a passion for birth and it would be an absolute honor to serve you and your family.

Studies on doulas

Studies have shown that having a doula as a member of the birth team decreases the overall cesarean rate by 50%, the length of labor by 25%, the use of oxytocin by 40%, and requests for an epidural by 60%. – Hodnett ED. Gates S Hofmeyr GJ. Sakala C. Continuous Support for Women During Childbirth. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. CD003766, (2003).

Scope of practice

I am not a medical professional and do not deliver your baby. I am well trained in all physiological parts of labor and have a lot of knowledge regarding birth, but I am not medically trained.

I provide continuous support throughout pregnancy, during birth, and in the postpartum period through education and meeting your physical and emotional needs. I do not leave your sight during birth and I am just a phone call away to answer any questions you have, even if it’s midnight.

How long do you have me at your birth?

I come to you when you feel like you need me there. Some chose to have me there when still in early labor in their home while others call me when they have arrived at their birth place.
I stay as long as you need me to, and for about 1 hour after birth to provide assistance where needed.

What would I as your doula do?

I check in regularly throughout pregnancy, but also after the birth. I send you resources, provide you with preparation classes, work with you on your wishlist / birth plan, and help you with how you can ask your provider questions so you can make informed choices. I am available via email, facebook, or whatsapp support 24/7.

After birth I can help you with breastfeeding and feeding advice as well and offer postpartum belly binding packages.


Like travel guides in a foreign country, birth and postpartum doulas help support new families through the life changing experience of having a baby!
Whether it’s a family’s first baby or their tenth, a doula can help make the birth and postpartum experience better. Today, a doula is defined as follows:

a trained professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to a mother before, during and shortly after childbirth to help her achieve the healthiest, most satisfying experience possible.
Countless scientific trials examining doula care demonstrate remarkably improved physical and psychological outcomes for both mother and baby. Doulas have a positive impact on the well-being of the entire family. – DONA International

Some people say a Midwife is from the waist down and a Doula is from the waist up! While this is not entirely true, it does help get the idea of how the roles differ. The meaning of “Midwife” is to be “With Woman” whereas the meaning of Doula is “in service of woman” which also gives you an idea of the differences between them. Here are some more questions that people often ask when it comes to the roles of a Doula and Midwife.

No. A Doula may be very well educated about medical procedures but she is not a medical professional. She can guide and support your decisions around medical procedures but she will never perform them herself. A Midwife is a trained medical professional with both the knowledge and skill to safely deliver a baby. A Midwife is also very capable of offering gentle, motherly support during labour but she will need to be focused on your baby as well during the whole process. A Doula is devoted entirely to the support of both the mother and father (or other birth partner) during the whole process without needing to focus on the medical well being of mother and baby. – WOMBS

Doulas work together as a team with your midwife or gynecologist. As we provide a different role, a doula will be an absolute valuable asset regardless of midwife or gyneacologist care.   

Yes! We are an extra set of hands. We can educate you of what to expect and even set up a tailor made birth plan for your cesarean. We can explain procedures, explain what is happening in the OR, stay with you after the birth in theater, recovery, and help out during the postpartum period.

You should  , unless dad / husband is well trained in what to expect, procedures and the birth process. It can be very overwhelming for them too! Sometimes they just want to sit and hold you, but during birth they will find that they need do a lot more than just hold you, but they are not sure exactly what. Even if you took classes, in that moment it may become a bit foggy, and having a doula there is just a kind of tour guide through this process to help guide everyone and answer questions in an instant…I mean, who has time for google anyway during birth? Now you have a walking talking google at your side. It can’t get better than that.